Wyoming Business Resource

Our Wyoming Business Resource is here to provide prospective small-business owners in Wyoming with all the critical knowledge they need to achieve lasting success in the state, which offers them an extremely business-friendly climate. The Resource contains information about such important items as tax registration, business licenses, local permits, incorporation filing, new hire reporting, employee tax and eligibility forms, insurance requirements and more.

Besides being one of the few states that can boast of having a budget surplus (estimated to be near $1 billion as of 2011), Wyoming is ranked at or near the top for key economic indicators such as long-term job growth, productivity growth, business birth rate and small business lending, and overall, is growing economically at a fairly torrid pace. This situation bodes extremely well for individuals looking to start small businesses in the Cowboy State.

The top industries in Wyoming are energy and mining, both of which have traditionally been strong there, but with the state’s growth and corresponding investment and economic development efforts by its government has come increasing economic diversification, and therefore, increasing opportunities for Wyoming business owners in all sorts of different industries.