Virginia Business Resource

Our Virginia Business Resource is aimed at providing aspiring small-business owners in Virginia with the information they need to successfully start and grow businesses in the state, which is very hospitable to business. The Resource contains facts you need to know about such things as tax registration, business licenses, local permits, incorporation filing, doing business as (DBA), employee registration requirements, insurance requirements and more.

Unusual among states in that it can boast of having a budget surplus, Virginia is ranked extremely high for economic indicators such as long-term job growth, productivity growth, business tax climate and the small business survival index, and in general, seems to be growing rather steadily. This situation represents a promising picture for people interested in starting small businesses in Old Dominion.

Virginia is extremely strong in the high-tech sector, actually ranking at the very top in terms of the high-tech share of all businesses, and the state is actively investing in programs to further develop its high-tech industries. At the same time, it is also investing in several programs specifically aimed at developing small businesses and is offering a variety of innovative incentives for prospective small-business owners to start up there, making this an opportune time for you to begin your small Virginia business.