Vermont Business Resource

Our Vermont Business Resource offers prospective small-business owners in Vermont with the information they need to know in order to be able to get started on the road to business success in the state. Vermont offers a highly hospitable environment for small businesses, which make up the vast majority of the businesses there. The Resource contains within it information about important items such as tax registration, business licenses, local permits, incorporation filing, doing business as (DBA), new hire reporting, employee tax and eligibility forms, and more.

Vermont is ranked very high for such important economic indicators as short-term job growth and entrepreneurial activity, and overall, appears to be in a better position than many other states around the nation. The time seems to be right for those who are thinking of starting small businesses in the Green Mountain State.

The state is showing growth in several sectors, including the manufacturing sector, which makes it stand out to some extent in these times. Also, Vermont’s government is taking an active role in trying to spur economic growth by heavily investing in, and developing, infrastructure to support that growth, as well as by pushing several key economic development initiatives. So, if you’re interested in beginning a small Vermont business, know that you’ll be doing it with a strong state support system backing you.