Utah Business Resource

Utah Governor Gary Herbert has made job creation a priority Utah business resource for his administration. In an effort to attract high-tech firms to the state, Utah recently set a goal of expanding the percentage of its citizens with advanced degrees and certifications to 66 percent by 2020.

Where the rubber meets the road, Utah has focused on increasing access to development capital for businesses operating in the state. The Governor’s Economic Development Coordinating Council works with public- and private-sector partners to coordinate policies for job development in Utah.

In addition, the Utah Fund of Funds, backed by an initial $300 million commitment from the state, makes investments into venture capital and equity funds that, in turn, invest in promising start-ups within the state. The Fund of Funds has so far injected over $200 million into roughly 35 companies. Today, the Fund holds a total of $5 billion in capital as a Utah business resource.