Rhode Island Business Resource

Our Rhode Island Business Resource is here to help people who are considering launching small businesses in Rhode Island learn what they need to know to be successful in the state, which has begun a slow but seemingly steady climb out of economic hardship. The Resource contains information about such important items as tax registration, business licenses, local permits, incorporation filing, employee registration requirements and more.

Rhode Island is ranked high for key economic indicators such as economic output per job, productivity growth, and high-tech share of all businesses, and after experiencing some problems in recent years as a result of recession, is seeing its economy begin to pick up steam. The state can also boast of having an extremely educated and tech-savvy workforce. Overall, this presents a promising situation for people looking to start small businesses in the Ocean State.

While the high-tech sector in Rhode Island is one of the state’s shining lights, manufacturing is increasingly gaining strength there as a result of the state’s commitment to supporting its continued development. The state also has taken solid steps to specifically help small businesses, including launching an initiative to support job creation in the small-business sector and putting strong support behind a program designed to increase credit accessibility for small startup firms.