1 WITH NATURE LLC is in the Unclassified Establishments industry, has a $10,778 PPP loan from Cross River Bank, and has potentially retained 5 jobs. This information is published by the U.S. Treasury and not SBA.com®. Any disputes on the accuracy should be directed to the U.S. Treasury or U.S. Small business Administration. SBA.com® is an independently owned and operated website and has no government affiliation. We offer information and services related to small businesses.

Loan Amount $10,778
Business Name 1 WITH NATURE LLC
Location BOISE, ID 83713
NAICS Code [Industry] 999990 [Unclassified Establishments]
Business Type Corporation
Race / Ethnicity White
Owner Gender Male Owned
Owner Veteran Non-Veteran
Is non-profit No
Jobs Retained 5
Date Approved 2020-05-01
Lender Cross River Bank
CD ID-01
PPP [1st Round] $5,390
PPS [2nd Round] $5,388

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