Pennsylvania Business Resource

Our Pennsylvania Business Resource is here to give beginning small-business owners in Pennsylvania the information necessary for them to be successful in the state, which has declared its intention to place renewed focus on free enterprise and the support of private-sector entrepreneurs. The Resource includes information about important items for people starting small businesses; among these items are tax registration, business licenses, local permits, incorporation filing, doing business as (DBA), new hire reporting, insurance requirements and more.

Pennsylvania is ranked near the top for key economic indicators including short-term job growth and several indicators relating to trade exports, and it seems to be moving in a positive direction economically. Additionally, the state can boast of having strong infrastructure and a highly educated workforce. Taken all together, the scenario is an encouraging one for people interested in starting small businesses in the Keystone State.

Strong sectors in Pennsylvania are high-tech and manufacturing, with both getting stronger as a result of focused investment in programs by the state, and technology startups particularly benefiting. There is also a focus on export trade — with small businesses representing an integral element in this — as a big part of Pennsylvania’s economic development. Additionally, the state has several programs, including the aptly named Small Business First Program, designed to specifically help small businesses in many sectors. All of this indicates that new Pennsylvania business owners with small firms can count on strong state support.