New Hampshire Business Resource

A primary New Hampshire business resource lies in the state having no sales or income taxes, with corporate tax rates relatively low as well.

Created in 1992, New Hampshire’s Business Finance Authority provides access to finance programs designed to expand credit availability to small businesses. The authority’s Capital Access Program helps banks offer loans to start-up companies, mitigating some of the risk inherent.

New Hampshire’s “Research and Development (R&D) Credit” program offers tax credits to businesses conducting manufacturing research and development activities. The credit is based on wages paid to New Hampshire employees involved in R&D activities, with up to a 10 percent credit to offset the company’s state taxes. The credit is capped at $50,000 per business in a fiscal year

The state’s “Community Development Investment Program” is designed to encourage businesses to support community development projects. Tax credits equaling up to 75 percent of a company’s donation can be granted, allowing businesses to invest property, cash, or securities into programs that improve their communities.

The state’s “Working Capital Line of Credit Guarantee” program provides banks offering lines of credit to New Hampshire companies with a guarantee of up to 75 percent. Another New Hampshire business resource is the state’s “Guarantee Asset Program,” which guarantees up to 90 percent of a line of credit from a participating New Hampshire bank to a qualified local company.