Nebraska Business Resource

A serious Nebraska business resource called the “Nebraska Advantage” — a package of incentives, tax credits and refunds designed to support start-ups and expansion of existing businesses — offers employers $500 – $4,000 for each new job they create. The “Nebraska Small Business Advantage” specializes in supporting smaller entrepreneurs and has been credited with helping to establish roughly 250 businesses in the state, as well as creating more than 18,500 new jobs and bringing in $5.5 billion of investment.

Nebraska also has enacted a 20 percent refundable micro-enterprise tax credit, accessible to companies with five or fewer employees at their inception. The state also extends exemptions on capital gains for employees who invest in the stock of their Nebraska-based employer.

The “Corn Husker” state continues to focus on trade relationships with hungry overseas partners such as China and Brazil, and even maintains an international trade office in Japan.

Nebraska’s “Business Innovation Act” supports research and development efforts through Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants. This Nebraska business resource also specializes in restructuring small-business investment programs to benefit entrepreneurs in the technology sector.