Montana Business Resource

Our Montana Business Resource is here to give those who are considering starting small businesses in Montana all the basic facts they should know in order to ensure success in the state, which offers them a relatively healthy economy and a very business-hospitable climate. The Resource contains information about such important items as tax registration, business licenses, local permits, incorporation filing, doing business as (DBA), new hire reporting, employee tax and eligibility forms, and more.

Besides being unusual among states in that it can claim to have a budget surplus (estimated to approximately $300 milion as of 2011), Montana is ranked near the top for key economic indicators such as export growth, entrepreneurial activity, long-term job growth, small business lending and business birth rate, and overall, is proceeding nicely economically speaking amidst recession conditions nationally. This situation is a markedly positive one for prospective small-business owners in Big Sky Country.

Montana boasts strong energy and mining industries, both traditional mainstays of its economy, and at the same time is demonstrating increasing strength in the high-tech sector and supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in diverse sectors through a variety of state programs. The bottom line is that there are growing opportunities for Montana business owners in many different sectors and industries.