Kansas Business Resource

In recent years, the Kansas business community has benefitted from regulatory and tax reforms, including enhanced expensing — allowing businesses to deduct a higher percentage of the cost of an investment — and a “Rural Opportunity Zones” initiative that provides a state income tax waiver for anyone relocating from out of state to a county that has experienced a major population decline.

The “Kansas Opportunity Initiatives Fund” is performance-based and provides financial assistance for the expansion of an existing Kansas business, as well as the relocation of an employer to the state.

Similarly, the “High Performance Incentive Program” (HPIP) provides tax incentives to employers that pay above-average wages and make a strong commitment to developing 21st century skills for their workers. HPIP empowers Kansas to remain competitive in the global marketplace while promoting investment in facilities, technology and employee training.

HPIP offers employers four potential benefits, including a 10 percent income tax credit for capital investment that exceeds $50,000 at a company’s facility, with a carry forward for the next 10 years that the facility re-qualifies for HPIP. It also offers a sales-tax exemption that can be used in conjunction with the company’s capital investment credit.