Indiana Business Resource

Our Indiana Business Resource is here to allow aspiring small-business owners in Indiana to get all the vital facts about items they need to be familiar with when starting their businesses in the state, which offers them a highly business-friendly environment. The Resource contains information about such important items as tax registration, business licenses, local permits, incorporation filing, doing business as (DBA), new hire reporting, employee registration requirements and more.

Besides being unusual among states in that it has a budget surplus, Indiana is ranked near the top for key economic indicators such business tax climate, the small business survival index, and several indicators relating to trade exports, and overall, seems to be growing its economy steadily. This situation offers promise for people seeking to start small up small firms in the Hoosier State.

Life sciences, apparel/textiles and metal manufacturing are all strong sectors/industries in Indiana, but the state is making determined moves to invest in and develop its high-tech sector and diversify its economy through different programs and funds, most notably its 21st Century Research and Technology Fund. It is also putting much energy into specifically supporting small businesses through different programs related to the 21 Fund, and the fund has actually even shifted its investment focus toward small business in recent times. So, if you’re thinking of starting any type of small Indiana business, there are many opportunities for you to investigate.