PPP Loan Forgiveness FAQ


Does the $100,000 salary limit used in calculating the PPP loan amount also apply during the forgiveness calculation?

When does the 8 week (56 day) period used to calculate the forgiveness metrics begin?

  • There are two options depending on your company paycycle.Option 1: The first day of the Covered Period would be the same day you received funding on your PPP Loan.Option 2: Borrowers with a biweekly or more frequent pay period can start the eight week (56 day) Covered Period on the first day of the first pay period following your PPP Loan funding.
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What are eligible non-employee payroll costs for forgiveness?

What are eligible payroll costs for forgiveness?

  • Payroll costs incurred during the 8 week (56 day) Covered Period, not exceeding $100,000 per employee on an annualized basis.
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What are eligible non-payroll costs for forgiveness?

How did Congress change PPP Loan Forgiveness rules on June 5?

  • Forgiveness rules for the PPP Loan program were relaxed with new legislation signed by the President on June 5, 2020
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