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Small Business Advice (or®) is privately owned and is not affiliated with any government agency.

We offer a free, for-profit, advertiser-supported loan connecting service for Paycheck Protection Program SBA loans (“PPP Loans”) and other types of small business loans.

When you fill out a request loan at either,, or, we promptly send it electronically to our PPP Loan agent partner. The submission of a request on is always free to you. Our partner will review this initial request. If they determine that you may qualify for a PPP loan, they then connect you with a specific lender in their network and assist you in submitting your loan application to the lender. The lender you are connected with (if any) will only be disclosed after you submit your request.

Submitting a request on this site and submitting the application through our partner are totally free to you. Your lender will compensate our partner for acting as a PPP Loan agent. Our partner will compensate us for advertising their PPP Loan agent services. Many factors impact which PPP Loan lender, if any, you may be connected with. How much the Lender is willing to pay our partner may have an impact.  Our partner does not have access to all lenders offering PPP Loans. However, the loan terms for PPP Loans are always the same no matter what lender you apply with. 

If our partner determines that you are not eligible for a PPP Loan or if they cannot connect you with a PPP Loan lender, you may receive offers for different types of non-SBA loans. This is also at no cost to you and you are at no obligation to accept any loan offers made to you. Many factors impact which of these lenders, if any, may offer you a loan. How much they are willing to pay may have an impact. Always carefully review the details of loan offers shown to you and compare it with other options.

This disclosure is not intended to fully and completely describe all the advertising activities of this site or of its affiliates and partners.