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We offer a free, for-profit, advertiser-supported loan connecting service for small business loans and other types of loans that may be of interest to small business owners.

When you fill out our loan inquiry form, we promptly send all of the information you submitted to one or more small business lenders and/or third-party networks of small-business lenders (together “Lending Partners”). The submission of a loan inquiry on is always free to you. Our Lending Partners will review this initial request. If you meet their criteria, they will reach out to you by phone, sms and/or email to discuss their loan options. You may also be redirected to their website to learn more or submit a loan application. You may also be shown other advertisements for products and/or services related to your loan inquiry. The lender you are connected with (if any) will only be disclosed after you submit your request.

Submitting a loan inquiry on this site is totally free to you. Our Lending Partners compensate us when we connect you with them. Many factors impact which Lending Partner, if any, you may be connected with. How much the Lending Partner is willing to pay us may have an impact. Our network of Lending Partners does not include all available lenders or loan options.

We recommend you use our loan inquiry service to compare different loan options so you can help figure out for yourself what is the best option for you. Always carefully review the details of the loan offers you recieve. We do not endorse any specific lenders.

This disclosure is not intended to fully and completely describe all the advertising activities of this site or of its affiliates and partners.